REVERSLAB – Silvia Colafrancesco, ITALY (Vegan Artivist)

We met our friend Silvia for the first time two years ago at a vegan festival in Tuscany. Her art talks about animals, their suffering and the meat industry. It expresses the sad and ill condition of society, but also about dreams… Through her art she dreams of a more comfortable world, a world that shows profound respect towards the Earth and all forms of life… Her work appears on the back, inside cover of Vegan Italy each month.

Above: The girl who struggles with hands up, to give voice to the voiceless as a symbol of a battle that wants to open the eyes to the whole world.

February 26, 2018: Lisbona, Portugal

Anyone who knows us knows that we love books. We write them, we sell them, and even in this tech world, we continue to read them. When we travel we are often in a library or bookstore and when we visit return to the states, we spend hours and hours and hours in Barnes and Noble. While roaming Lisbona without a map, we came across Simon and (what he has been told) the smallest bookstore in the world! It is literally smaller than our bookstand! If ever in Lisbona go and see him! Olà SIMON!

February 20, 2018: Tavira, Portugal 

We met up with our new friends Antonio, Marco and Igor. They showed us around the beautiful town of Tavira, Portugal. They just inaugurated their brand new B&B. If you ever think of going to visit look them up and tell them that the Free Family sent you!

Wishing them good luck and lots of love!








February, 10, 2018: Marinaleda, SPAIN

Marinaleda (Andalusia, Spain), a once impoverished, small town was transformed into a socialist dream by its population who occupied the land (about 1700 hectars) that belonged to a Duke (Duca de Infantado) in the early 80’s… with strong ideals which emphasized equality above everything else, it was transformed into an utopia where people can live simply and simply live.  Mayor Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo (born 5 February 1952) is a Spanish politician, labour leader and history school teacher. Since 1979 he has been the Mayor of Marinaleda and since 2008 deputy for United Left (UL) in the Parliament of Andalusia.  We would like to thank Marinaleda for showing us what a small town can do when you put your heart into it. 

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January, 25th 2018: Fidenza, ITALY

Our trip started with a visit to our friends Lorenzo e Jessica and their 4 beautiful kids (2 his, 2 hers… now, a mini Brady Bunch).  Authors of the cookbook, Cucinare Seconda Natura (with a second, amazing, vegan cookbook  coming out soon!), this family offered us our first meal on the road… a healthy, vegan dinner (thanks to the 8 year old, Gaia for the amazing spinach raviolis!) in their comfy home in the countryside of Northern Italy. Thanks guys for sending us on our way…. love and kisses from the road!

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