Saying Goodbye to Yesterdays (and Argentina)


It is our last day. Tomorrow at this time we will be on a flight headed for Chile and then Madrid and then our final destination, Bologna, Italy. After a 33 hour trip, my father-in-law will be there. He will waiting for us at the airport with his huge smile and hug to pick us up and bring us back home… And, today will already be yesterday…

This morning we are in Mendoza. We just dropped off our bags in a small room at friendly Hospedaje DSCN0307Zamora, a modestly priced hostel with clean accommodations, a colorfully tiled open patio to relax in, and an all you can eat breakfast. While every other kid is in school planted in a chair with a teacher teaching at the head of the classroom, my daughers, Kenia (11) and Havana (8), are spending their last hours in Argentina with their mom and dad

DSCN0319DSCN0607 eating ice cream for breakfast, marching with strikers, observing bicycle vendors as they artfully pour coffee and serve breakfast to a line full of people waiting endlessly to enter a bank or money exchange, listening to the tunes of street musicians with their amazing forks, spoons and butter knives… 

breathing in LIFE and learning every inhale and exhale of the way…DSCN0444

and already missing the place we left behind just this morning way before the break of dawn…

‘I like travelling’, Kenia suddenly stopped to say between lunch at the market and a stroll around San Martin park. ‘Maybe we could skip the house… keep travelling’…

We could get a bigger camper’, Havana suggested…

‘and the dog’, Kenia reminded us…. ‘a smaller dog!’.

I understood them completely… Just this morning…

early this morning, as I dozed in and out of my thoughts while riding on the bus, the jumbo sized seat, completely reclined, legs and view stretched out before me on the top floor of the double decker…

DSCN0596I saw the sun coming up, the sky suddenly splashed with pink and orange and baby blue… I saw the mountains with their snow-capped peaks, the world on a new dimension… a world on the other side of my world. .. and I thought what an amazing place to be.

I wasn’t referring to Argentina.

I felt incredibly blessed… No complaints about closet space, tiny bathrooms or lack of privacy in my mind…. I also thought of a bigger camper, other places to see, this drug called Freedom… I thought of my restless search for Ango, a peaceful dwelling and realized that this peaceful dwelling already lies inside of Me.

The place I was referring to was my life, our life… on the road.

Journal Entry, Hospedaje Zamora, March 1, 2016, 12:30am

DSCN0296Here I am once again awake. I have just closed my book. Tonight we are in actual beds with fresh, floral printed sheets and old fashioned quilts. A small light illuminates my space and theirs. There aren’t any insects flying around my head or my reading lamp. A ceiling fan on low is making a slight humming sound. I hear voices of a soccer game on the television coming from the reception area. I smell fried meat cooking in the kitchen. The sounds and the smells are coming in from a tiny window that separates our room from the long corridor. It is after midnight. Today was super fun and now today is already a yesterday. It is time to shut the light and say goodnight… and also goodbye…

About a month ago a friend of mine posted this on her timeline. I have read similar words countless times in the past: books, articles, songs, poems. However, her words touched me as if being heard for the very first time. We tend to forget this fundamental concept so each time actually is the first. I immediately thought, this says it all… and, it truly does:

When Anna was two, she asked me one night, when she was beginning to understand about time, “When will it be yesterday?” And I had to tell her–it won’t ever be yesterday again. She cried, then, for a long time, and then she slept beside me, a small girl snuggled close. And now, eleven years and many yesterdays later, I am blown away by it. Yesterday and yesterday and yesterday…all gone. These photos are from just a few days ago and already those moments–those children exactly as they were–are gone, and I will never be able to hold them quite the same way again. So this is what love is. Impermanence, a flower, a child on the sand at the beach. And no matter how many times I remind myself, I will forget this over and over, but may I always come back to this, to now, to today, the precious moment which is all there is.

In two yesterdays from now we will be in Italy… going back home always feels strange… Sweetly bitter

I could feel sad, already nostalgic, even displaced… we could all feel like crying for a long time… having to say goodbye to Argentina, the horses, the pigs, other new friends… the blue skies, the mountains, the long, leisurely walks, the silent nights….DSCN0476

the experience, the space, six wonderfully-lived weeks:


Besides for the memories, yesterday is gone… yesterday and yesterday and yesterday too…

Six weeks of yesterdays in Nowhere’s land… leaving behind all that we can remember and everything that we hope to have learned:

Nothing is Everything…

an everything that lasts only as long as you remember to live it in this very moment.

Catch a glimpse of it before it becomes forever gone. DSCN0598

Today we are going home…

and tomorrow, well tomorrow is just another extraordinary, unpredictable day of life… just another inevitable yesterday to come.

 love and xxxx,

firma danni

aka ANGO

ps: A huge hug to my dear friend, Courtney. To all those yesterdays, past and yet to come. Thanks for reminding me. Love to all.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our 45 Yesterdays in Argentina: DSCN0636DSCN0624DSCN0659DSCN0565DSCN0490DSCN0457DSCN0428DSCN0129




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