JUST ANOTHER STARBUCKS 7,000 MILES LATER: What the Sense? (part one: Learning that Nothing is Everything in SIX WEEKS)

SIX WEEKS: LEARNING THAT NOTHING IS EVERYING (part one) Risultati immagini per starbucks arturo merino benitez airport santiago chileJanuary, 14 2016 Twenty-nine hours and eight minutes after our initial departure from G. Marconi Airport in Bologna, Italy (an hour and a half drive from where we live) we are safely aboard a tiny aircraft that will transport us from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina. Four countries, three airplanes, two and a half movies and too many salty snacks later our turbulence free trip has left me less tired than usual. Risultati immagini per starbucks santiago airportA stroll around the modest, yet way too modern Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago, Chile leaves me with a ‘what the sense‘ kind of feeling – STARBUCKS, DUNKIN DONUTS, CINNABON, RUBY TUESDAYS, JOHNNY ROCKETS.

young girls taking selfies with expensive smartphones, guys with cool haircuts and even cooler Ray Bans, 30ish something moms chatting about fashion and reality shows while cooing at their impeccably dressed infants buckled into hi tech strollers; modern moms rummaging for a toy in their Prada bags, legs crossed and dangling the same chunky, overpriced sandals that I saw on a 30ish something mom at JFK Airport last summer… WHAT THE SENSE? Bologna, Madrid, New York, Chile, Argentina… the same food, the same clothing, the same technology, the same expressions…. over 7,000 miles and it all feels the same… even the sky outside my window in Row number 23, the same faded and tired blue that I said farewell to in Italy. So, when my husband, Andrea, came up close to me, face-to-face, his hands pressed against both temples while squeezing and shaking my head from side to side excitedly exclaiming, ‘Can you believe it?‘, with his great, big smile and oversized enthusiasm I was unable to return this beautiful emotion. I could have pretended, given that perfect, cheerleader kind of response, ‘AWESOME‘, but my need for transparency renders me incapable of bullshit!… Instead, all I was able to muddle up was an insufficient grin which clearly expressed the thoughts going through my mind:

What the sense?

What are we searching for?

What do we honestly expect to find?

and although I knew deep down that in less than a couple of hours – after giving myself time to digest the bad plane food, allow my ears to unclog and my feet to return to their normal, bony selves, distance myself from the airport where everything is double the price and inevitably the same – I would indeed feel something tingling and exciting stirring inside, my first reaction (as it often is) was enough to deflate Andrea and his dreams of adventure.


Santiago, Chile – Mendoza, Argentina, Jan. 14, 2016, One hour later,

12:05pm local time

Risultati immagini per argentina andes mountain from airplane with wingThe view outside the small, oval-shaped window in Row 23 has transformed itself into a spectacular vision: just beyond the tip of the wing I now see the glorious snow-capped, Argentina Andes Mountains perfectly completed by a clear, blue sky and marsmallow textured clouds…

just another lesson about impermanence, how our perspectives manage to transform themselves from one second to the next, and yes…

the absolute perfection of life… this time at an altitude of 6,500 miles!

Tingle, tingle…. excitement, Simply AAAWWWESOME!

Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

Love and xxx,


This is the first post of a series entitled: Learning that Nothing is Everything in Six Weeks. They may be read separately or as a series. The frequency of my posts all depend on the internet connection (which comes and goes as it likes) in the town closest to where we are staying (a major part of the experience).

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