HAPPY NEW YEAR… JUST A REMINDER (the year for slowing down, finding peace and listening to the silence)

7My blog has been silent for the past months… let down to lay for a while as my days were filled with motherly stuff (two girls to homeschool, meals to prepare, bags to pack and unpack), work and life…

a life that went into automatic drive as soon as we returned ‘home’… a bit too fast for my taste (not to mention my body and mind), but fortunately I realized that as much as I love the writing (as much as I began to physicallly need it), I needed to choose and so I did.

I abandoned the blogging. I slowed down the pace. I prioritized my time and where I needed to put my energy. Yet, it didn’t seem to be enough… something unsettling was in the air..


Time passed and summer became fall which then became winter. Christmas came and went as I continued preparing, organizing, prioritizing… building a home… as I concentrated perhaps too much on how I would use my time. My holiday cheer held on to its spirit as I watched people wander here and there with even less time on their hands than I, less money in their pockets, less expression on their faces and yes, less cheer.

Christmas came and went with a tension in the foggy, winter air; a tension that has nothing to do with the thick, grey skies above or the frozen chill that wakes me up each morning in my little, log cabin. A tension that seems to be calling out to us from every angle… luring us to ‘keep going on… never stop’… claiming that ‘this too will pass‘ …. while inside I hear a voice telling me that I should slow down even more, that we all should. Christmas has come and gone along with the wrapping paper and presents as we continue to buy and consume and prepare for the New Year as if nothing has changed… as if we could actually keep going on, never, ever STOP. However, whether we acknowledge it or not the world around us is changing… we are changing… and the change has settled into our subconscious minds. As time passes the dampness is becoming more and more difficult to dry out. The rawness of the world is getting deeper and deeper into our souls like a single drop of wet snow entrapped in a pair of heavy, winter boots, numbing our toes as we attempt to maintain our warm thoughts as we wait for our ride to come (and probably wondering when and if this ride will ever actually arrive).ride




no wonder when so many messages of terrorism and violence have made their way to our part of the world (imagine… even during the holidays!)… as I continue to hear the songs, as I attempt to warm myself in my daughters’ smiles and an oversized mug of Sleepytime tea.sing

as I continue to wonder: HOW DO WE REGAIN THE PEACE? And, how can we remember what is really important?… while keeping a home, a family, the chores, a life…

As I remember that it is all a choice… ISN’T IT?

PRIORITIZING… Learning what is worth doing or not doing, learning what to be petrified of and what isn’t, learning and living gratitude each and every day, cherishing simplicity and welcoming the silence – hearing what it has to say.tree2

It is all a choice… ISN’T IT?

Buying less, consuming less, running less…. SLOWING DOWN and then slowing down even more. Knowing what is out there, but not allowing it to control us or our lives.

Replacing the FEAR with GRATITUDE.

Replacing the ANXIOUSNESS with SILENCE.

Replacing the LACK OF ENERGY with lots of LISTENING and REMEMBERING…

these are things that all of us can do.

My blog has been silent these past months. My mind not so much. But, I have abandoned, slowed down, prioritized and this is what my days have been filled with…bed3




CREATIVITY (I built the most amazing Barbie house!),

LOVE  and

the Simple taste of US. And, this is what I continue to wish for the new year…


Wishing you a peaceful, slower New Year, the time to see the beauty all around us and the wisdom to decide how YOU want to fill your next 365 days…

love and xxxx,

firma danni



ps hope to be getting back to writing real soon… next stop ARGENTINA!



  1. Danni we meat in costa rica in a hotel in a hillThe girls were sleeping but your husband abs you were wonderful company in that small Town on the square my blessings to you and the knowledge that you are Living your life and not just sleepwalking through it inspires me to _ risk ____on many levels thank you for the reminders!!!! You make a differenceLive and aloha Eve and Allan off to big island in Feb please keepin touch never know when you will get to big island🌺🌺🌺

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    • Hi! So nice to hear from you. It has been a very rewarding and difficult year (making it all the more rewarding). But, as you said we are LIVING and if my life should end today I have absolutely NO REGRETS and would feel fortunate for all the times – good and bad. We will be leaving for Argentina in a week. There is a beautiful place at 2000m that is calling out to our curiosity. After that, who knows? Confusingly wonderful, no?
      Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with courage and love, Danni


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