THE TOXIC COLORS OF SUMMER (how to free ourselves from chemicals while searching for the right shade)


The colors of Summer:

Confetti Blue, Beets me, Key Lime Pie, Panther Pink, Mint Chip, Mango Bango … any sound familiar?

Aaaah… summer! Sunshine, longer days, tanks and strappy dresses, the lovely sounds and smells of Nature, FREEDOM, and… an explosion of color on our fingers and toes!

It is one of those luxuries that many of us are unable to give up. It is one of those luxuries that I still treat myself to once in a while, but that I refuse to pass on to my young daughters.


However, as much as I resist and continue to say:
Little girls need to be little girls.
You have plenty of time.
They are full of chemicals –
so no painted nails!”,
my two girly girls want them always more and more.
The reality is that in most cases our perfectly pampered paws mean cruelty and harm towards us, our furry friends, and the planet.
So, do we have to give it all up to be Chemical FREE?
In our home, my daughters and I have a deal and we have set a few ground rules:
1- We do the ‘nose – nail polish’ experiment to remind us and make them understand.
Try keeping an open bottle of nail polish directly under your nose for 1-2 minutes.
Then answer the following questions:
Q: How do you feel?
A: Kenia: Not so good, mom. It stinks!
A: Havana: I feel a bit dizzy.
Q: So, now do you think toxic smelling nail polish is pretty and nice, or just pretty?
A: Kenia: More like pretty awful!
A: Havana: And, pretty stinky!




2- Polished nails are for special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, celebrations, visiting grandma).
3- We polish our nails at home to avoid hours spent in toxic smelling salons.
4- They can choose any color.
5- I choose the brand of the polish.
6- I can keep my toe nails polished all summer long
(anyone who has runner toe nails understands the necessity… naked, they are not a very pretty sight!)
Whether or not you agree with the ‘special occasion’ rule…
Whether or not you believe that we are encouraging our little girls to grow up too fast
Whether or not you care about the Planet…
thinking about what beauty products we are offering to them and what beauty products we regularly use, is important to our health. 
With all the chemicals in our lives, I wonder:
How anyone can wonder why their is so much illness among us?

As parents, how can we even think of putting that toxic stuff on our bodies, let alone the bodies of our young girls?

Would we let them swim in polluted water?
Would we let them play with a poisonous plant?
Not so different.
nails2Whether it is for you or your little ones, it is important to think before you say ‘Yes’
even it is to be pretty.
I am not saying it is not ok to want to look pretty.
It is just more important to think just how important it is.

And most of all, it is important to know how to Free ourselves of the chemicals.
Just an hour visit at a normal nail salon gives you a whapping dose of Toluene and Formaldehyde and DBP…Some pretty UGLY stuff!

So, let’s start asking ourselves:

What are we willing to risk?
Is it worth risking our health? Our child’s health?
The future of the planet – which by the way, do remember, is our future as well?
One way or another, pretty now, leads to not so pretty later.

Unfortunately, most food, body care and cleaning products we regularly use are bad for the planet and for us. This is why it is so essential to know how to choose from the good brands and the cruel brands, know which ones are tested on animals, know which ingredients to avoid.

I happily share this post by Kris Carr, one of my favorite health and beauty advocates, to kick off the colors of summer the right way… CHEMICAL FREE!
Let’s learn how to enjoy the pretty paws without all the flaws!


colors of summer
Happy Summerenjoy your FREEDOM and may your days be filled with great health, lots of shade and a burst of magnificent Color!

firma danni


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