GREY SKY, BLUE SKY (inspired by Family SOS)

cloudy sky

Grey Sky, Blue Sky, Grey Sky:

A patch of light fighting

for a soft, luminous space

as dark clouds float in

along with a rain so slim that it soothes me

like a child’s eyelash brushing against my skin…

slowly washing away the emotions

of just another Imperfect day.

Purifying the soul, the soil, the grass and the sky.

Moving harsh words like the current of a river.







Replacing them with the sudden giggling of two little girls. 

A b a n d o n m e n t 


Just stay…

Let it drizzle.

Let it rain.

Let It pour!


Pleasure and pain, peace:

pacing themselves as my mind

finally releases itself to the sounds

of rippling water….

a touch of softness cutting against cold stone-

jumping in and out and over the resistance.

Breaking through the scary faces…

a family of discontent…

glimpses of grumpiness.

Breaking through this dreary day.

No coming. No going.

Just being

Feeling and shining on

as small feet play, following the rhythm of Nature

… towards content.

 girls river





Where did my brutal sentiments go?

Can these new ones find the Will to remain?

Does it really matter?

Perhaps we shall meet again,

Today, one day…

or not.

For now, a smile tip toes past my tear dried eyes.

A sense of calmness in the moist air,

the warmth of sunshine behind my neck.

Blue Sky, Grey Sky, Blue Sky

Reflections of light.

Reflections of us.

on this Imperfect day.

Peace and kisses,


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