Let Us Be Sure to Take a Moment (on Memorial Day)

yoga love
Today is about more than barbeques
and an extra day off,
it wasn’t created for the Sales.
Relax and enjoy the company,
eat and drink,
but let us be sure to take a moment…
to remember
that today is about people
who have given their life:
people past… but not only.

In every corner of the world
there is someone fighting-
for a better world,
a more peaceful future,
some are merely fighting for their lives
or their dignity.
War in too many forms:
on the streets, on the field, even in homes…
for power, for money, some merely for clean water and food.
Through arms, but also harsh words,
or perhaps simply an uncontrolled hand.
Let us be sure to take a moment…
between potato salad and beer
to think of them…
Those who are not relaxing and enjoying the company.
Those who are not eating and drinking.

And… to honor them all, big and small, let us spread love and kindness,
wide and far by spreading kindness and love to those who we have near.
2015-02-21 19.51.01

Happy Memorial Day to us all!


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