A DOG’S MIND that can teach us so much

Saying goodbye, but never farewell


May  1999 – April  2015

Goodbye my little furry friends… You’ve been by my side for 16 long years giving me memories i will tresure forever. I will never forget how we used to run up and down the hill when “we” were little, those long walks in the countryside just me, you and grandpa. Or that awful october day which can only be remember as the worst day of my life, grandpa was gone, i was heartbroken and you never left my side, not only for a second, you kept your little head on my knees for as long as i needed. You were just a dog, but today i lost a part of my childhood and a funny and loving member of my family. I’d like to think that now you’re somewhere up there in heaven, finally reunited with grandpa and i can see the two of you running up and down the hills and walking around the countryside and i hope you’re as happy and joyful as you’ve ever been when you were with us! Ciao Spillo ❤
– Roberta

Spillo was a champion, a little dog guru, a true zen master.

He was my ‘acquired’ sister-in-law Roberta’s dog, but he was his own free spirit.  He wandered the Italian countryside where he lived all his life-

always curious, never too tired to explore.

He was the present moment.

He was life at its best.

He was loved by a family and by many friends,

but he was also completely wild and free.

I will miss him and our walks together. Till nearly the end, he was a faithful companion, and  I will keep his example in my heart as a reminder of what I want my life to be about:

Unconditional love, freedom, simplicity,

curiosity, kindness, compassion, energy …

They can teach us so much … everything that we need,

everything that is important…

if only we could abandon ourselves of our silly ideas about life and instead, live out our lives with a dog’s mind.

Arrivederci Spillo! Ti voglio bene!


One comment

  1. Roby, these are words used at their best. Touching, tender and true. I feel so grateful to have you in my life and to have shared a tiny space in the life of your special, little, 4 legged family member. I love you both. Danni


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