A  Mere Visitor at that Middle Place

ASomeone wise once said:
‘Happiness begins where desire ends’.
So no attachment,
not even to that magical Middle place.
The Middle place, such a pleasant spot to visit.
Stay for a while,  let me lounge in comfort as long as I can.

Enjoying, but not grasping…
happy when you come and
just as happy when you must go.
Too thin to touch – like the transparency of light,
and, too overpowering for chains.
If I try to capture you, you are sure to leave.
Sometimes I wonder, where do you run off to?
and why must I share?
Then I remember, you are uncontrollable and wildly free.
Freedom, balance, the middle place,
doesn’t matter what I call you,
you are as impermanent as me.
Happiness begins where I am
whether you are here or there
I learn to just be.
When I become EQUANIMITY
I am happy and serene.
I accept the other places,
visits to all the parts of my life –
the ones not in the middle
reassured that once again
I am just a mere visitor.
observing the discomfort that momentarily lies within me.

Photo by Garry Fabian Miller:  The Middle Place, exhibits these treasured photographs, alongside his more recent work which creates images through the clever capture of light.  Iridescent, abstract images made without camera or film, created by shining light through colored glass vessels and over cut-paper shapes, to create forms that magically transfer the light onto photographic paper. The result is a powerful and exhilarating image. For more info visit Ingleby Gallery.


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