A giant, baby step

Today I took a giant, baby step and
found a new sense of freedom –


A weightlessness that comes
in not knowing what tomorrow will be.
I no longer miss the pretty ceramic plates
or the Italian tiled floors.
I don’t need a cozy knitted blanket
or my favorite lilac armchair to keep me warm.
The bed and all those pillows
will no longer steal my precious minutes each morning.
Today I took a giant, baby step and
found a new sense of home –
No attachment, no fear
No missing, no needing, no losing time.
Home is no longer a mailbox stuffed beyond its limit
or the number 12 engraved in gold on my front door –
it is no longer a particular place where
we rest our sleepy heads at night or
the usual shady spot to park our car…
or a favorite photo hung on the wall
that required straightening every time I climbed the stairs.
Because today I found a better meaning of home
one that doesn’t leave me feeling lost or confused.
Today, I found a special place
that I can always call home
and I found it right inside of me.
Home is the beauty of a simple flower,
fragrant as my lime colored mug full of herbal tea
Home is in the eyes of my daughters
always just as excited as when they climbed up the old oak tree.
Home is my husband’s hands-
his fingers intertwined with mine
during our evening stroll under a newly discovered, starlit sky.

2Home is a kind letter from an old friend
offering comfort -distant, but never that far.
Home is in the passage of a favorite book,
worn and travelled, it brings me back to here and now.
Home is the four of us safe and well
no matter where we are.

I no longer need to search for home
because  home is everywhere
busy city streets,
small, antique, ghost towns,
curved country roads,
isolated sandy beaches
and all around.

Today I am grateful and light and free
as a feather in flight –
Thanks to that one giant, baby step that brought me back home.


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