Baby steps to freedom (embracing impermanence )

A journey that lasts a lifetime (almost part three)

Journal Entry, May 12, 2014 (a gift of acceptance):

1I no longer resist change. I no longer deny impermanence. I no longer fear  my freedom. The concept confuses me and excites me, stimulates my emotions. What is freedom for me in this very moment – will I be able to recognize it or will it pass by me unnoticed? Like my own shadow, it plays hide and seek with me all day long. Sometimes I am unable to see it even when it dances before my very eyes…

I see it when I choose not to give into buying a new pair of shoes that I don’t need.

I lose it when I fuss over a messy room or when getting to the gym is more important than listening to a friend’s troubles.

I recognize it when we can stay in bed till noon on a rainy, Wednesday morning.

I miss it when I take for granted the sweetness of a goodbye kiss.

I create it when I fill the room with the wonderful smell of home-baked bread.

I destroy it when I complain about too many boxes and too little space.

I re-discover it when I do an unexpected act of kindness for a complete stranger.

It escapes me when I yell at my daughter for a mismatched outfit or knotty hair…

when I am too busy to enjoy my husband’s arms around me.

2If only I could capture it and put in a bottle. 

I would keep it close to me forever!

But, I can’t.

None of us can.

So we accept its impermanence –

we embrace it while it lasts

as we continue taking our baby steps, one moment at a time

until we learn how to walk, run and maybe someday

even leap towards this amazing pleasure called Freedom.

To be continued…


With joyous impermanence,

firma danni

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This post was written without stress and without stealing any of my freed time!

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