Beginning the journey together.

This adventure began this past Christmas with the publishing of Andrea Bizzocchi’s ebook, LETTER FROM SANTA, but it wouldn’t make sense to limit such important thoughts to only a few weeks out of the year. Real change, big and small, requires our love and attention every single day.  We would like to use this page to share thoughts and ideas with you, and find out together what it means to truly celebrate life and love.  During our travels, we meet extra-special, everyday people making changes in the way they think, eat and care for the world around them.  Through our simple, daily demonstrations of gratitude, respect  and positivity we are the people making the difference.  Some are on the move, some prefer steady and still. Some make tons of noise and others are extremely quiet.  There are grand gestures and really simple ones.  There are an infinite number of ways to contribute. Right and wrong doesn’t exist and we can all start by respecting each other’s individual differences and choices. Each one of us needs to find his or her own way to participate in creating a healthier,  more peaceful world… one that we can be proud to leave to our children and all future generations.

This page is about all of us and for all of us.  I envision us sharing random thoughts, stories about everyday things that happen in our lives and in our families, about our experiences and difficulties and frustrations, about people who inspire us, and about all the miracles that we come by during the course of seemingly ordinary days.

I do not intend to be on the computer every single day. I don’t always have access to a computer or internet. I have an old cell phone that I rarely use. There are so many other things to occupy my precious time with.  I encounter many amazing people, socially responsible people, absolutely hooked on modern day technology. Use it, but let’s not lose ourselves in it. Personal encounters, coffee with a friend, a homemade cake personally delivered to an ill relative, a hand written letter sent by mail, an eye- to- eye fight – these are the things we need to recover and preserve – not Facebook, Twitter, What’s up or Youtube.  You just can’t text message certain sentiments.  They get distorted once the send button is pushed. Skype is really useful (I should know. I have parents in three different places), but it will never come close to the touch of a hand or the warm squeeze of a hug.


This said, I do intend to share my thoughts once in a while.  You will probably find lots of reflections about life, family, being a mother, stories about everyday things that happen in our family, problems we encounter on the road and within the walls of super tiny rooms.  You will find tidbits from Andrea, Kenia and Havana too. There will be recommendations for interesting books, music, movies, documentaries and articles that pass through and enrich our lives.

Two months ago we were in Italy. A week ago we were in Florida. We are in Costa Rica at the moment. No definite plans.  Our location can change at any time which is one of the wonderful challenges that we deal with on a daily basis. Lots of freedom, lots of adventure, lots of improvising… 2014 was an incredible year for our family.  We received so much love from so many old friends and tons of new ones.  We have a brand new journey to look forward to during 2015. We look forward to you sharing a piece of your life with us, and allowing you to experience some of ours with you!

Wishing you a heart-felt Valentine’s day with this brief story:

At the end of one of his seminars Thich Nhat Than, Vietimanese Buddhist Monk, was approached by a young, French pacifist who asked him: “Thay, how can I bring more peace to this world?”
Thay looks the man in his eyes and replies, “How is the situation at home. Is there peace in your family?”

Peace, love and Pura Vida!

Dannielle and the Bizzos


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